What we economic consumption to build Alternator

Completely the tools, services and so on that we employment when we acquire Alternator. Alternator is built in ASP.NET exploitation C# and is hosted on Azure. We do enjoyment a band of early services as fountainhead and you arse read entirely about them below.

Let's beginning with the apps were we drop most of our time.

  • Microsoft Visual Studio

    Free Personal Mac Windows Entanglement .NET Fabric Website

    Visual Studio is the briny IDE we exercise for coding, debugging and everything else that you do in a large app like this.


    Microsoft Visual Studio icon
  • GitHub

    Freemium Mac Windows Network Android Windows S ... Android Tablet BSD Website

    The like about former computer software developers nowdays we function GIT as our author ascendance arrangement and we boniface our code on GitHub. We also habit their consequence organisation to associate bugs with commits and so on.


    GitHub icon
  • Slack

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Vane Android ... iPhone Windows S BSD Apple Watch Electron / Atom Shell Website

    Alternator is a distributed squad and since not deuce bingle citizenry are based in the lapp city, this is our digital office.


    Slack icon
  • Trello

    Freemium Mac Windows World wide web Android iPhone ... Windows S Android Tablet iPad Apple Watch Android Wear Kindle Fire Website

    We have a batch of plans for the internet site and this is currently where we donjon them organized, or at least dungeon them.


    Trello icon
  • Blueprint & Frontend

  • Adobe Photoshop

    Commercial Mac Windows Wine ReactOS Website

    A bunch of the conception elements on the land site was done in Photoshop over the years, just late we're leaning towards Sketch.


    Adobe Photoshop icon
  • Sketch

    Commercial Mac Website

    A bodoni agency to create drug user interfaces and more. Almost of the current design on the site was made with Sketch, the balance with Photoshop.


    Sketch icon
  • jQuery

    Free Vane Website

    Used for near of our Javascript on the site. Greatly simplifies fundamental interaction with the DOM and is an amazing clear beginning project.


    jQuery icon
  • Gulp.js

    Free World wide web Node.JS Website

    Used to "compile" Javascript and CSS and other continuous consolidation tasks.


    Gulp.js icon
  • DevOps, Reports and Stats

  • Runscope

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Network Website

    To exam APIs, condition codes, redirects and clobber the likes of that.


    Runscope icon
  • Ghost Inspector

    Freemium Vane Website

    For tests of our UI, by and large manipulation it to hold cartroad of noindex / canonicals and early boring hooey that demand to be correct.


    Ghost Inspector icon
  • Rollbar

    Freemium World wide web Android Ruby Python .NET Framework ... JavaScript PHP Ruby on Rails Node.JS Website

    To keep caterpillar track of errors.


    Rollbar icon
  • Cloudflare

    Freemium Entanglement Website

    To amphetamine up your requests, detect junk e-mail and some great HTTPS support.


    Cloudflare icon
  • Google Analytics

    Free Vane Android iPhone Android Tablet Website

    We expend a caboodle of clock time nerve-racking to empathise how the situation deeds and how our users absorb with the site, and we do nearly of that digging in Google Analytics.


    Google Analytics icon
  • Hosting & Libraries

  • Redis

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD Self-Hosted Website

    As a cache for data that is accessed often.


    Redis icon
  • NuGet

    Free Windows Microsoft Visual Studio Website

    As the server english bundle coach in Visual Studio


    NuGet icon
  • Algolia

    Commercial World wide web Android SDK Ruby Python JavaScript ... AngularJS coil Ruby on Rails Node.JS Objective-C Website

    To allow you with an incredible fast and accurate hunt


    Algolia icon
  • Admin & Other

  • Front

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Entanglement Android ... iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    A collaborative inbox and accompaniment chat.


    Front icon
  • iA Writer

    Commercial Mac Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet ... iPad Website

    A circle of web log posts, plans and early long.form texts rich person been typed up in this application, either on Mac OS X or on iOS.


    iA Writer icon
  • VirusTotal

    Free Mac Windows Network Android Website

    The team a great deal checks on apps using VirusTotal, to assure they're condom for users.


    VirusTotal icon

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This is an awe-inspiring list! Love that you guys are victimization .NET applied science - not whole that frequently I ascertain that - though seems to be having a chip of a renaissance! :)


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