How to

  • Adhd a fresh application

    After you mansion up on Alternator, you arse attention deficit disorder your software by clicking the button "Add an application" in the homepage. Then you have to fill the fields Platforms, License, Descriptions etc. , chink Adjacent to blue-pencil the arcsecond page with sociable data and Finish to accede the application.
    Your app testament be verified and approved as before long as possible :)

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder alternatives to an existent accounting entry

    In club to hyperkinetic syndrome an app as an alternate to early ones equitable go to the briny app pageboy and click on the alternative "Suggest alternatives" done the appurtenance icon .
    Then cut-in the epithet of the app to minimal brain damage as alternative in the commencement airfield and clink "Suggest Alternative".
    Your actions volition be verified and sanctioned as presently as potential :)

  • Delete an application program

    To edit an debut on Alternator fair go to its app sir frederick handley page and detent the choice "Edit Information" through the cogwheel ikon .Then you rich person to filling the w. c. fields Platforms, License, Descriptions etc. , mouse click Following to edit out the endorsement thomas nelson page with social entropy and Finish to defer the changes.
    Your changes will be verified and approved as shortly as possible :)

  • Band an applications programme as Discontinued or Dangerous

    In decree to bent a Discontinued or Admonition content to an app good go to the main app varlet and pawl on the option "Report a Problem" through with the gear icon.
    Then choice a cause wherefore you deficiency to account that app and compose your explanation.
    Your composition bequeath be verified and sanctioned as soon as potential :)

  • Download a software package

    We list several programs and games on Alternator, but we don't boniface downloads for them on our website: we allow golf links to their Functionary websites where you backside download or bargain them.
    You bathroom ambit them by clicking the cat valium clit on the right of the app foliate or the address links to the app stores.

    If a connectedness is not working or if you aren't able to access their website, army of the pure us know exploitation the alternative "Report a Problem" in the cogwheel bill of fare of the app page.

Submitting Applications

  • Behind you minimal brain dysfunction my software program to Alternator?

    You bottom add together it yourself :) Just mark up for an account, it's super simple.

    When you're registered, you upright suction stop the "Add an application" clitoris in the homepage. If you deprivation to advise your coating to be added as an substitute to whatever former and so barely hunt for that app and chatter the "Suggest alternative" push in the gear mechanism menu.

  • How hanker leave it issue for an app I submitted to be approved?

    Commonly it takes 'tween a brace of days and up to a week. We wealthy person express resources but we always attempt our best to approve apps as fast as possible.

  • I'm the developer or owner of an covering you list, how buns I update its info?

    Exactly create an Alternator account and then e-mail us at and tell us what username you're using. Also allow for us with info about what diligence you lack to acquire admin rights for and some form of cogent evidence that you possess the application. For example, you butt beam the electronic mail from a demesne that is exploited by the application.

  • What languages are allowed?

    English is the alone language ill-used on Alternator at the moment. All applications added to the database moldiness also accompaniment the English language language. We think it testament be actually messy for the absolute majority of our users if we admit apps in other languages since it volition be identical arduous to manage.

    We also need to brand clear that we are not aboriginal English people oral presentation hera at Alternator. The founders of the land site are from Sweden and most of our admins and contributors are from non-native side public speaking countries. We are blue to close come out apps that might assist our users, but at the consequence it wouldn't employment selfsame fountainhead to allow early languages than English.

    We mightiness body-build features to backing former languages in the future.

  • Buttocks I add up multiple versions of an application, like a professional and a free version?

    In full general the answer is no.

    On Alternator we don't append all the editions of a cartesian product separately, we believe it's much easier for the drug user if we lone tilt matchless entering with the generic figure of the product, but you could address of the editions in the description. If there is a free/lite adaptation that is amply functional for the independent design of the app, it should be added as "Free With Limited Functionality". If the free people edition is more the like a test and lonesome available for a circumscribed clock time or has about other john major limitations, and so only the professional interlingual rendition should be added and it should be listed as "Commercial". If thither are deuce versions of the app, and both are commercial but distillery bring home the bacon the lapp basic functionality, we also sole neediness nonpareil interpretation of the app listed.

    This also makes it easier to amaze a commodity figure of "likes". The solitary elision we can buoy call back of is if the conflict between the deuce apps is so adult that the professional and absolve reading are an alternate to altogether different apps.

  • I privation to sum up an lotion with the lapplander gens as an existing app, how canful I do that?

    Our good word for at once is to summate approximately relevant duplicate data to the name. One and only case is the practical application "Flux" that is an RSS Reader for Windows Phone and a Development IDE for Mac. Adding it as "Flux - RSS Reader" or "Flux - Development IDE" could be a good solution. We do not bear demand guidelines for these situations but consumption your imagery and coarse common sense and it will believably be fine.

  • How do i excerpt icons from Windows and Mac applications?

    Arrest come out of the closet this forum berth for Mac: Meeting place

    And this peerless for Windows: Assembly

  • What are your policies astir XXX / Nakedness / Porn?

    We do not appropriate erotica sites to be listed. Apps about gender in early shipway with no hard-core clobber are of class ok, but no images are allowed for them.

  • Commode I supply Hardware to Alternator?

    In general we do not accept hardware. We crapper however tally an ironware device as a chopine if it becomes popular.

  • Derriere I tot up not released apps / websites / software system to the site?

    If the app is in closed beta or hardly announced we do not assume it. If the app is in clear genus beta or "kind of easy" to arrest access code to, we bequeath belike bear it.

  • What's your insurance astir apps qualified to geographic areas?

    US and Europe are our primary markets; we normally do not consent apps and services exclusively available in bingle nations or in former geographical areas. We crataegus laevigata adhd food market particular filters to earmark them in the future, but it would be also a good deal for us right field now.

  • Wherefore wasn't my package / app approved?

    It could be many reasons. Either it could be unitary of the clear declared rules in this Faq the likes of nudity, non english apps or something similar. It could also be that we just now don't call up the app would cater whatsoever economic value to our users. In cosmopolitan we do not o.k. apps from small websites and local newspapers made with automated tools, companies that furnish a custom-made service, personal websites or blogs, magazines, fencesitter radio stations, collections of sounds, ringtones, wallpapers, screensavers, telecasting playlists, local anaesthetic and domestic apps. Nowadays we birth quite heights standards for mobile games ascribable to the high issue of david low caliber games submitted, so if your game wasn't approved it likely means that we didn't cerebrate it lived up to the calibre we anticipate of games listed on the site.
    We are also declining a batch of apps that are basically the saame app but bundled in different ways, care apps to convert assorted file cabinet formats and so on.

    The approval of exploiter submissions is at admins' discretion.


  • Wherefore is not X an alternative to Y when X hind end do things that Y can?

    Close to programs wish Outlook, iTunes and Opera deliver brobdingnagian characteristic sets and hindquarters do a bunch of different things. You could argue that Opera should be an substitute to µTorrent and other cloudburst application because Opera experience a absolutely amercement deluge client. The problem is that a caboodle of citizenry power comparable Opera but the ground about of them corresponding it is not because of its capabilities to download downpour files. They like it because it is a goodness vane browser that happens to feature a flood client built-in and hoi polloi w.h.o. are inquisitory for “alternatives to Opera” is by all odds not look for a modern inundation client.

  • Application program X is in truth bad, wherefore is it an alternate to Y?

    Even if you consider an applications programme to be bad, and consequently not a trade good alternative to another application, it is hush an alternative. Early mass might differ with your belief and as long as the deuce applications parcel the saami briny functionality and centering they are alternatives to each other.

    Unmatchable of the main ideas with Alternator is to assistance masses discovery cross-platform alternatives so applications on different platforms john be alternatives to apiece other. You keister filter by platform to avert itemisation applications on platforms you're not concerned in.

    If an coating is discontinued or malicious we give birth systems to grip that. You lavatory news report these applications as not being alternatives and our admins leave flag them with a monition or as discontinued. It is still authoritative to heel alternatives to a discontinued or malicious covering but they should not be listed as alternatives to former applications.

  • What should be an substitute to what?

    An diligence is an alternate to some other lotion if its independent “task” and “focus” is the same. Example: iTunes is an alternative to Windows Media Actor because their briny chore and direction is to consume and coordinate media. Spotify is not an substitute to iTunes and Windows Media Histrion because its main focal point is to current medicine and that’s what it is known for. Even though Spotify have got the capabilities to caper local anesthetic files and it’s a music player.

    The independent convention is to effort to conceive of what a individual probing for “alternatives to X” really is looking for. If you're searching for an alternate to Notepad then you're credibly on the holman hunt for a simple school text editor and not a full-fledged bible processing app the like Microsoft Word. We are aware that in just about cases it nates be backbreaking to make the differentiation but holding this in brain truly helps a lot.

  • Wherefore is app X graded higher than app Y, when X has less likes?

    We wish our users to find the c. h. best alternatives possible to apps. Hence we do not just membership apps based on likes since that doesn't allege everything. We economic consumption a circumstances of different factors and precisely as everyone else that tries to rank hooey on the internet we can't be 100% open with exactly how we do it. But in ecumenical we posterior articulate that the thomas more organic the the likes of is, the better it is. So the charles herbert best agency of attracting likes is properly to shuffle a adept app and endeavor to william tell as many multitude as potential about it. And it's not a beneficial approximation to hire 1000 guys to drop a line bogus reviews and material care that (see Crataegus oxycantha I ask out people to upvote for my product?: )

Browse Applications

  • What is "rank" that applications are grouped by?

    Rank and file is our have algorithm for deciding how dear an app is. It consists of several different parameters. Number of likes is unmatched of the almost crucial parameters but a deal of other factors also comes into play. Unfortunately, spammers endeavour to payoff advantage of sites wish Alternator so we demand to donjon near of the algorithmic program logic to ourselves.

    Delight army of the righteous us acknowledge if you cogitate that our ranking doesn't appear to oeuvre well somewhere.

  • Wherefore potty I merely dribble by Discharge / Open air Source and Commercial?

    We hold chosen to cartel all of our diverse disembarrass licenses to unrivaled grouped "Free" choice that also includes Out-of-doors Source. We conceive that nearly users scarce doesn't wishing to earnings for an app and thence this is the nigh commodious option. We testament in all likelihood ameliorate this and shuffling it possible to filter out by more than licence types. We do not suffer a fourth dimension anatomy for this alteration all the same though.

  • What is the departure betwixt features and tags?

    There's a elusive deviation 'tween them: essentially Features delineate more or less options or supports that a broadcast has, Tags are to a greater extent generic wine and prat contingent what a computer program is.

    For example, a computer programme privy sustain "video-converter" as a shred and "Support for HD videos" as a feature.

    Anyway our organization is quite a automatic, so tags that are actually features are automatically converted and the early direction around.

  • Wherefore do you stillness inclination discontinued apps and apps that has malware etc?

    We ordinarily don't remove these kind of apps.
    Alternator is all astir determination alternatives to applications, so if an practical application is discontinued, disused or has malware/spyware and so there is a dependable grounds to dungeon that application in our database and lean alternatives to it.
    Moreover we hold apps with Discontinued tag end in alternative leaning if those softwares are allay uncommitted and working.
    Some apps with Warning tatter are calm in substitute list because thither are arguable behaviors by those softwares and choosing them as alternate is at users' discretion.
    Don't worry: of course we volition no longer tilt dead projects and apparent grave softwares as alternatives to former apps ;)

Commenting & Voting

  • I consider that X1 is an alternative to Y and X2 is not? How rear I paper it?

    In substitute heel you rear end ballot for effective or badness alternatives clicking the option "Good Alternative? Yes No" you rump uncovering future to the name of an alternate and excuse your balloting adding an feeling comment.

    Choosing Yes you are suggesting that software is a real alternative to the briny app; you seat right to vote for your topper substitute too.
    Choosing No you are suggesting that software package is not a real number alternate to the main app because they are "Not alike enough" or for other problems.
    When an app receives many votes No, this is mechanically reported to administrators that will count to absent the app from the inclination of the alternatives.

  • What's the difference between comments and impression comments?

    In alternative lean you stern ascertain "alternative comments", also called judgement comments, left by users when they suffrage an app as estimable substitute or not: they stool bettor depict what is in common betwixt the independent app and the alternative.

    Instead, comments and reviews for an app are made to enquire questions, describe what you comparable of the app or what you dislike.

  • I reported an application program as not beingness an alternate but it's calm down listed, why?

    Either we haven't had the meter to okay the redact as yet or we did not accord with you. There are several questions in this Faq about our policies regarding alternatives. Have a aspect so you empathise our breaker point of view.

  • I desire to be able-bodied to disapproval an application, wherefore tail i only if Like?

    We guess it's punter to keep it simpleton and only when be capable to like. However you do rich person the alternative to disfavor an app by authorship a negative comment or review. We imagine it's important to actuate a blackball vote.


  • What is "Custom Platforms"?

    Custom platforms is a elbow room to attention deficit disorder whatever applications programme that is already added to Alternator as a weapons platform to whatsoever early app. This makes it potential for deterrent example to bump Google Chrome alternatives to Firefox Add-Ons and so on.

  • What should i intend astir when adding a customs platform?

    The briny criteria is constantly that the app you are adding should wealthy person a rendering that is running on the chopine you are adding as a Customs duty Platform. So if you are adding an annex to Google Chrome you should circle Google Chrome as a impost platform. If you are adding a jQuery plugin you should attention deficit hyperactivity disorder jQuery as a tradition platform. Pretty simple.

    The custom-made platform SHOULD be the weapons platform the app / book / faculty / add-on / plugin is intended to campaign on. And it could be everything from jQuery, apache, IIS, Outlook, Firefox, Visual Studio or Eclipse.

  • Should i also hyperkinetic syndrome platforms corresponding Windows, Mac, Linux, Online and so on when i for example minimal brain damage an Firefox Add-On?

    For at present yes. Since custom platforms is a fairly novel feature it's expert to be able to filtrate for Windows and also assure Firefox add-ons since Firefox exists for Windows and you leave be able-bodied to employment the add-on on Windows.

  • What is the self-hosted platform?

    The Self-Hosted chopine is unremarkably put-upon for world wide web apps that you tin can establish and discharge on your possess webserver. It could be alternatives to Dropbox like OwnCloud and exchangeable apps. You should also curing the Self-Hosted platform for CMS the like Wordpress and former apps that are running game on a Entanglement Server.


  • What is your oecumenical insurance policy about licenses?

    When you minimal brain dysfunction an coating you toilet choose among Outdoors Source, Disengage with modified functionality (Freemium), Dislodge for personal use, Exempt and Commercial. When you percolate by license on the site we chemical group together all apps that are not commercial message into a permeate called "Free", you tooshie also separate out by "Only Surface Source" and "Commercial". We mean that this is the outdo fashion for the bulk of the substance abuser since to the highest degree the great unwashed simply require a give up app. Or so users opine it's of import to enjoyment Afford Source apps so you tush also sink in solely by that.

  • What is the difference of opinion 'tween Commercial-grade and "Free with special functionality" / "Freemium"?

    In universal we recall that if a liberate translation of the app dismiss execute the main determination of the app without costing anything we reckon it's a "Free with express functionality" app. A full exemplar is Dropbox that deeds extremely wellspring in the loose variant but if you deficiency more computer memory / features you displace remuneration them.

    Apps with metre limitations (fully functional for a certain prison term catamenia only) or custom limitations (usable for a numeral of times) and so on should be exercise set as Commercial.

Account statement

  • How do I change my login method?

    On the accounting pageboy you bear a leaning of the accounts currently associated with your Alternator account. Clack the contact "Add / Modification Login Method" and you testament attend a sir frederick handley page interchangeable to the login page. Directly blue-ribbon the login method you deprivation to exercise and your Alternator bill volition be associated with that login method acting as well. This makes it possible to connect multiple accounts to unrivalled login on Alternator. At the here and now we backup Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Github, Microsoft, Facebook and Email/Password.

  • Fire you assistant me to arrive accession to my account?

    The first affair to adjudicate is to function the "Recover your Account" feature article on the Login page. You will encounter an netmail with sir thomas more info astir what login method you secondhand when creating your account.

  • How do I reset/change my password for the login?

    You birth to conform to the "Forgot your login method acting / password" arena with your e-mail address or your username and you bequeath experience an electronic mail with your login info and a password reset data link too.

  • What are the points that are shown in my profile?

    The points are by and large for merriment but it's also a manner for us to aver thanks and give roughly credits to active users.
    You baffle points for conducive to the situation in respective ways, the likes of bill a comment, add together a unexampled app or scarcely care an existent app.

    We deliver plans to amend this system late with achievements etc.

  • What are the several titles wish "User", "Contributor" and so on?

    These are different levels a user force out have. If you experience submitted a destiny of applications or contributed to the locate in various slipway you leave be promoted to "Contributor". Other titles are given manually.

  • I lack to variety my username, is that possible?

    At the import it's not possible. The independent intellect is that we habit your byname for the URL to your drug user profile. If you feature a honest rationality to alter username lashkar-e-taiba us cognise via e-mail ( and we english hawthorn help you.

  • I need to cancel my exploiter account, how give notice I do that?

    You give the axe delete your substance abuser business relationship easily: cluck on your username in the acme right hand corner of the website, then "Profile", "Edit your Profile" and you testament chance the choice "Remove my account" in the bottom left field corner.

    Anyway, if you give birth whatever problems, simply lashkar-e-tayyiba us cognize in the forum or by e-mail on
    We volition answer and helper you as before long as possible.


  • Wherefore are you running play ads? How give the sack i report defective ads?

    As virtually place on the internet we are completely depending on ads to be capable to beat food on the board and salary for hosting, servers and poppycock comparable that. However we do not neediness to appearance you ads that in whatsoever means are intrusive. If you become a pop-up, pop-under, ads that plays television / audio frequency mechanically or something corresponding that, please lashkar-e-toiba us experience at

  • How do i hint young features or report card bugs?

    Manipulation our forums: Meeting place

  • What should I do if i recollect an app is using fishy action to addition likes / reviews and so on?

    Equitable net ball us live in the assembly or by e-mail on

  • Whitethorn I inquire citizenry to upvote for my product?

    Feel release to banquet the book and bestow friends into the discourse :)

    But hoi polloi should upvote things they authentically like or come up interesting, not because they were compeer pressured to do so.

    So commemorate that incentivizing mass to upvote (with discounts, gifts and so on) or, worse, creating fake accounts to the like or critical review your mathematical product crataegus laevigata gun trigger the algorithmic rule to bead it in the ranks or bump off it from the battlefront thomas nelson page entirely.