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  • Autodesk AutoCAD

    Autodesk AutoCAD is a commercial message computer-aided blueprint (CAD) and drafting package application.


    Commercial-grade $ $ $ Mac Windows World wide web Android iPhone iPad

  • Spiceworks

    Articulation millions of IT professionals and download Spiceworks, a free people mesh monitoring software with meshing management tools, assist desk ticketing app, meshwork mapper and more.


    Absolve Windows Entanglement Android Android Tablet

  • InvGate Assets

    Assets is a cortege of healthy solutions to bring off your hardware and software package assets, done discovery, remote desktop, software program metering, deployment & permission management, and financials.


    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Network

  • Driver Comfortable

    It scans your computer, tells you what drivers are absent or outdated, then updates them all, in single go. All you have to do is chink Update All button, and all drivers testament be downloaded and installed automatically.


    Freemium Windows Vane


    Created in 2004, and continually improved,, at one time, has accomplished itself on the world wide web as a discharge armed service to PC users running Windows and Linux in operation systems.


    Disembarrass Windows Linux Entanglement

  • CoScale

    Full batch monitoring of containers and microservices. Powered by anomalousness detection.


    Commercial message Mac Windows Linux Network

  • Nagios Logarithm Server

    Nagios Lumber Server is a brawny enterprise-class logarithm monitoring and direction application that allows organizations to apace and easily view, sort, and configure logs from whatsoever beginning on whatever given network.


    Commercial-grade Windows Linux Vane Self-Hosted

  • MikroTik RouterOS

    The briny cartesian product of MikroTik is a Linux-based operating system known as MikroTik RouterOS.


    Commercial World wide web Self-Hosted

  • Google Cloud Mark

    Google Cloud Photographic print makes impression more intuitive, accessible and useful, by lease you print to your printers from Google Cloud Print-enabled apps on whatsoever calculator or smart phone.


    Disengage Entanglement Android Chrome

  • netdata

    Get ascendance of your Linux / FreeBSD / MacOS servers. Simple. Effective. Awesome!.


    Dislodge Open Generator Mac Linux Network BSD Self-Hosted C (programming language) Python Node.JS ... Bash

  • AppTrackr

    The heir to Appulous, Apptrackr is a internet site which makes it easy for you to browse, download, and upload alligatored apps for your jailbroken iPhone, ipod Touch or iPad.


    Exempt Vane

    • Discontinued The functionary site is no longer available.
  • aNobii

    aNobii is a sociable network for itemisation books, share-out insights, and coming together people.


    Give up World wide web Android iPhone

  • SelfCAD

    SelfCAD is a browser-based 3D CAD/CAM software system designed for the 3D printing community. It includes a 30,000+ depository library of guaranteed printable objects which arse be downloaded, limited and printed all from inside the SelfCAD suite.


    Freemium Mac Linux Entanglement Chrome OS

  • Thingiverse is the blank space to part digital designs for fabricating real, forcible objects. Percentage your employment and animate early innovators in the Thingiverse universe.


    Liberate Network

  • Server Density

    Server Density offers alone SaaS-based scalable base monitoring to assistance businesses save clock time and money.


    Commercial message Mac Windows Linux Vane Android iPhone Apple TV FreeBSD


    Become anon. online with OVPN. VPN avail with inexhaustible bandwidth, no logs, firm encoding and an uptime guarantee of 99.5%.


    Commercial-grade Mac Windows Linux World wide web Android iPhone

  • Youmagine

    Ploughshare your imagination, join our 3D printing process biotic community today and beginning designing, collaborating, and impression the easygoing way. * Create anything you backside conceive of * Collaborate with former 3D enthusiasts * Show the cosmos what you’ve got.


    Loose Open air Germ Entanglement

  • Pangoly

    Pangoly is a release divine service that helps you choice the best ironware and peripherals for your fresh PC build, according to your budget and personal needs.


    Relieve Network

  • Sentinet3

    Sentinet3 is an endeavor category co-ordinated proactive monitoring device able to admonisher Systems, Applications, and Networks. Sentinet3 monitors all critical networks parameters and the wellness and integrity of servers.


    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Vane Android iPhone Android Tablet Windows Earphone ... iPad

  • Autodesk Tinkercad

    Tinkercad is a super easy-to-use, browser based 3D conception tool. With Tinkercad you bathroom create 3D printable items: toys to caper with, decoration to brightness up your domicile or jewellery to express yourself. You ambition it, you behind brand it!


    Freemium World wide web

  • z/Scope

    z/Scope is a multi-protocol, multi-host depot aper that provides access to multiple terminal-based applications in a agency that is associate to every user, exploitation a bodoni tabbed interface.


    Commercial message $ $ $ Windows Entanglement

  • Foreman

    Foreman is an out-of-doors informant labor that helps system of rules administrators care servers end-to-end their lifecycle, from provisioning and configuration to instrumentation and monitoring.


    Relinquish Outdoors Origin Linux Network Self-Hosted

  • Scan (QR Code Reader)

    Scan is the most aboveboard QR Code digital scanner available for iPhone and Android. If your earpiece came with a built-in QR Code scanner, this would be it! Scan is completely free.


    Commercial-grade Mac Windows World wide web Android iPhone Windows Headphone iPad Kindle Fire

  • EasyTomato

    EasyTomato is a powerful, easy-to-use, unblock bandwidth coach that is perfect for schools, hospitals, and nonprofits with decelerate internet connections and express IT knowledge.


    Unfreeze Entanglement Tomato