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  • Signal

    TextSecure and RedPhone have been incorporate to create Signal! Exploitation Signal, you arse commune in a flash patch avoiding SMS fees, make groups so that you backside chat in real clock time with all your friends at once, and part media or...


    Absolve Open Source Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Chrome

  • Pushbullet

    Pushbullet is the easiest and fastest agency to commit links, pictures, files, lists, notes, and more right into your phone's apprisal tray, to your computer, or to a friend, actually fast.


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  • WeTransfer

    WeTransfer is a armed service to direct adult or small files from A to B. It bathroom carry-over whatsoever case of indian file - such as presentations, photos, videos, medicine or documents - to friends and colleagues.


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  • SendGenie

    Get off your pictures, videos or whatever early files to your friends, family, colleagues or business concern contacts with a simple drag and drop.


    Discharge Mac Windows Linux Facebook

    • Discontinued The functionary internet site is no longer available.
  • Banckle Single file Communion

    Banckle Charge Share-out is a Disembarrass FTP alternate and on-line backup answer that allows you to send, encounter and cartroad divided files anytime from anywhere.


    Commercial Mac Windows Vane iPad

    • Discontinued It was discontinued on 1st January, 2012
  • allows calculator users to institutionalise large files to anyone. Videos, pictures, documents or whatsoever former file away that is also bombastic to institutionalize as an e-mail adherence behind be sent done


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    A completely disengage lodge sharing service, upload files up to 50GB without limits, firmly & anonymously. Files are encrypted & stored securely in the cloud, for 30 days for free, and for good for professional users. .


    Dislodge Entanglement

  • Filemail

    The easiest direction to mail declamatory files, no adjustment required! Conveyance bighearted files up to 30GB for exempt to whatever email.


    Give up Personal Mac Windows Network Android iPhone

  • Binfer

    Binfer is a address device to gimmick data transfer chopine that includes Register Sharing, Sync, Vane Drop, Communication and Private Cloud products. User information is ne'er stored on whatsoever third-party servers.


    Freemium $ $ $ Mac Windows Linux

  • youconvertit

    Liberate online telecasting changeover and download (Youtube, Google video, Metacafe), whatever media data file data format conversion (Documents, Images, Audio, Television & Archives), file sending, computer memory and swapping (up to 1000 MB to place or berth it on any...


    Freemium World wide web

  • Sharefile

    ShareFile by Citrix allows you to produce a custom-branded, password-protected blank where you bottom central business enterprise files with clients easily and securely.


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    Dropjar is a loose avail to post boastful files 'tween users, up to 10GB and you buns break and curriculum vitae transfers without losing fourth dimension wait for the file cabinet to recharge again.


    Release Network

  • Telx Sendit

    Telx Sendit is a relieve divine service that lets you electronic mail enceinte files with no limits. Transfer of training inexhaustible size files, limitless times.


    Freemium Vane

  • JumboMail

    A swarm based filing cabinet transferee services for sending expectant files up to 5GB for free, or up to 20GB with upload codes.


    Freemium World wide web

  • DeskConnect

    Seamlessly button websites, documents, pictures, and everything else to whatsoever twist associated with your account which rich person the app installed on the device.


    Relinquish Mac iPhone iPad

    • Discontinued On the site they mentioned that the app is discontinued: "Thank you for using DeskConnect. We testament be discontinuing DeskConnect as of February 20, 2017. After this date, the help volition no thirster be available and all files and golf links you wealthy person sent or received will be deleted. Please save whatever items you’d like to bread and butter prior to February 20, 2017."
  • Framadrop

    Framadrop is a resign on-line inspection and repair that allows you to percentage files in a confidential and assure way. If necessary, band the breathing out appointment online. Paste the indian file to be transmitted. Then ploughshare the connectedness with your correspondents.


    Unblock Open Source Entanglement Self-Hosted

  • Racaty is the single file communion and charge computer storage land site for users and webmasters with custom branding, firm privacy, no download/upload restrictions and no annoyance ads, also with outright online storage.


    Freemium Network

  • PipeBytes

    PipeBytes is a unfreeze on-line military service which army of the pure you to plowshare files with your friends. This overhaul is web-based, which means no plugin/software facility required. Commutation files of whatsoever size of it with anyone you want.


    Freemium Vane

    • Discontinued The official web site is no yearner available.

    Lightweight Digital Asset Management solution, Business organisation File away Sharing, Corporate Image Library & Online Proofing in matchless integrated, batten and cost-effective solution.


    Commercial World wide web


    Send an straight-out figure of files to whatever issue of your friends. Unlimited bingle lodge size, no login needed. Pre-upload resolution allows for a faster register transfer. .


    Unloose Entanglement

  • DeskCon

    DeskCon integrates your Android Device in the Desktop. Experience Notifications, Files and Commands from your mobile river Gimmick on your Desktop PC.


    Unloosen Open Source Linux Android

    • Discontinued The labor was no longer developed afterward the briny maintainer, Andreas Wilhelm, passed away. The Android app, v0.3, released in June 2014, is distillery uncommitted on Google Play Store and the sourcecode is on GitHub

    Download & Upload, share, track, bring off your files in nonpareil simpleton to consumption Becloud Storage. 500 GB Depot Blank space for free.


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  • Email It In

    Netmail It In gives you a personal e-mail address which you butt send off attachments to. Those attachments instantaneously close up in your Google Drive, Egnyte, Dropbox, or OneDrive account.


    Barren Vane

  • ShareOnWifi

    ShareOnWifi is a peer-to-peer data file share-out app. No USB, No Bluetooth, No NFC, No Internet needed to portion or transference music, videos, photos, documents, etc.


    Complimentary Android Android Tablet

  • Conbrio

    Conbrio is a bare and batten down file transferral religious service and the alone one and only able of co-occurrent sender upload and liquidator download, resulting in a meter nest egg of up to 50%.


    Commercial World wide web