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  • foobar2000

    foobar2000 is an advance freeware sound actor for the Windows platform. Briny features Supported sound recording formats: MP3, MP4, AAC, CD Audio, WMA, Vorbis, Opus, FLAC, WavPack, WAV, AIFF, Musepack, Speex, AU, SND...


    Absolve Mac Windows Android iPhone Windows Phone

  • MediaMonkey

    MediaMonkey is a medicine histrion and a music depository library coach with accompaniment for 50,000+ files and many features for organizing, tagging, converting and burn your music. It also has advanced podcasting and syncing features.


    Freemium Windows Android Windows RT

  • TagScanner

    TagScanner is a multifunction broadcast for organizing and managing your euphony collection.


    Discharge Windows

  • Subsonic

    Subsonic is a free, web-based media streamer, providing omnipresent access to your medicine and video. Consumption it to part your music with friends, or to hear to your possess euphony patch at work.


    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Entanglement Android iPhone Windows Phone Self-Hosted

  • XMPlay

    A bantam and portable audio player. With a size of about 280 KiB it plays OGG, MP3, audio frequency CDs, WMA and several to a lesser extent ill-used formats like XM, IT, MOD, UMX and others.


    Disembarrass Windows

  • Tag&Rename

    Tag&Rename is a medicine files shred editor that easily handles all democratic digital audio recording formats. No affair what music compressor you prefer, you arse donjon your euphony accumulation organised with Tag&Rename.


    Commercial Windows

  • JRiver Media Center

    JRiver Media Center field is a multimedia application that allows the drug user to caper and coordinate assorted types of media on a calculator running Windows.


    Commercial Mac Windows

  • Winyl

    Winyl is a disengage digital sound instrumentalist and medicine library application program for organizing and acting sound recording on Windows. Winyl offers great fresh shipway to devise and bask all your music.


    Dislodge Windows

  • Freemake Music Box

    Freemake Euphony Box is a modern medicine app that gives you exempt access code to millions of songs online. Regardless of your location, you backside search, child's play and direct online music give up and easily.


    Liberate Windows iPhone

  • Jajuk

    Jajuk is software that organizes and plays euphony exploitation Java. It is a full-featured applications programme geared towards forward-looking users with large or confused medicine collections.


    Loose Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • beets

    Beets is the media program library management organisation for obsessive-compulsive music geeks. The design of beets is to acquire your euphony aggregation right at one time and for all.


    Release Open Source Linux

  • Madsonic

    Madsonic is a web-based media banner and jukebox branching of Subsonic Based on Java technology, Madsonic runs on almost platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, OSX, and Unix variants.


    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Network Android iPhone Android Lozenge BSD ... iPad Self-Hosted Kindle Fire

  • nessMediaCenter

    Economic consumption your Mac as optimal media center! nessMediaCenter is the desirable alternate for Apple's Front Row: comfortable to employment with a clean aspect and feel, address accession to movie / characterisation booklet and volumes, backing of Aperture, iPhoto and...


    Commercial Mac Apple TV

  • Sayonara Musician

    Sayonara is a simple just nice audio participant and holds a band of features the like a library, id3 tag end editor, equalizer, lastfm radio, lastfm scrobbler, current fipple flute and so on...


    Relieve Open Source Linux

  • Tracqlist

    A medicine cyclosis armed service providing capacity from a ambit of john major and fencesitter book labels. It has 15 1000000 songs and 2 bazillion releases in its database. It as well provides library, play list and radio features.


    Relinquish Vane

    • Discontinued The functionary internet site is no longer available.
  • Charge per unit Your Music

    Pace Your Euphony is a community-built medicine and celluloid database where you bathroom rate, review, catalog and attain novel music and films as fountainhead as enter in conducive to the database itself.


    Resign World wide web

  • LXMusic

    LXMusic is a minimalist xmms2 euphony player developed with GTK+ in arrant C language. It features a identical simple, clean, lightweight, and intuitive exploiter interface.


    Unblock Open Source Linux


    Utublr is a unfreeze medicine streaming service, where users behind heed to whatsoever birdcall and create and percentage playlists. It's an alternative to GrooveShark. Its based on YouTube and several unloose entanglement services.


    Unloosen Network

    • Discontinued The official site is no thirster available.
  • Newgrounds Music Role player

    The Newgrounds Euphony Thespian allows you to download and drama Newgrounds songs from the NG Audioportal. The NG Medicine Players has many features the likes of admixture different genres (e.g dubstep, dance and hip-hop) There are altogether over 35 genres.


    Barren Windows

    • Discontinued The web site and the computer program are no yearner available.
  • Musx

    musx is the simplest agency to ploughshare and explore music Instead of inquisitory for unexampled tunes, musx lets you abide by your friends, dearie artists, blogs, and venues to have their latest euphony recommendations come to you on a personal feed.


    Complimentary iPhone

  • RollingTune

    Listen On-line your Deary Tunes Totally costless and legal. Hunt for a group, listen, share, adhd playlists, mind radios, discovery lyrics. You bottom even lookout the telecasting or download the mp3.


    Destitute Mac Windows Vane Android Chrome OS Kindle Fire

  • AudioStreamer

    AudioStreamer is a detached web-based audio frequency pennant which gives you easy admission to your music. It turns your PC in a cyclosis webserver. So you buns take heed to your medicine from all over and on whatever device(tablet, desktop, smartphone, ...


    Devoid Open Source Windows Linux

  • Cantata

    Cantata is a graphic client for MPD. Cantata started bump off as a crotch of QtMPC, chiefly to allow better KDE consolidation - by using KDE libraries/classes wheresoever possible.


    Gratis Open Source Windows Linux

  • Noon Pacific

    Weekly mixtape of the c. h. best songs handpicked from the charles herbert best music blogs, delivered to your inbox every Monday at Noon (Pacific Time).


    Gratuitous Mac Windows Linux World wide web Android iPhone Android Pad of paper iPad

  • Metadatics

    Metadatics is a brawny and in advance audio recording metadata editor. It supports batch editing of near common sound file cabinet types including MP3, M4A, AIFF, WAV, FLAC, APE, OGG, WMA, and more.


    Commercial Mac