Apps for Linux with whatever licence

  • VLC Media Actor

    VLC is a free people and open beginning cross-platform multimedia histrion and framework. Owned by the non-profit administration VideoLAN.


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  • Audacity

    Audacity is free, out-of-doors germ software package for recording and editing sounds. You arse consumption Audacity to book dwell audio, convert tapes and records, blue-pencil audio files, alteration the amphetamine or auction pitch of a transcription and much more.


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  • is a medicine biotic community internet site that offers individualised internet radio, exploitation a good word organisation called "Audioscrobbler" to body-build a detailed profile of users based on their music tastes and interests.


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  • Spotify

    Spotify is a commercial message euphony cyclosis armed service providing digital rights management-restricted capacity from criminal record labels including Sony, EMI, Warner Medicine Group and Universal.


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  • Kodi

    Kodi, at one time XBMC, is a disembarrass and surface origin media musician and amusement center for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, XBox, and iOS.


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  • ownCloud

    A condom domicile for all your data – Access & part your files, calendars, contacts, chain armor & more from whatsoever device, on your terms.


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  • Plex

    Plex bridges the break 'tween your calculator and your dwelling theater, doing so with a visually appealing drug user interface that provides blink of an eye access code to your media.


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  • Clementine

    Clementine is a cross-platform dislodge and open up root music participant and depository library arranger based on Amarok 1.4.


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  • FLAC

    FLAC stands for Relieve Lossless Audio Codec, an audio frequency data format alike to MP3, just lossless, import that audio recording is compressed in FLAC without whatever deprivation in quality.


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  • Rhythmbox

    Rhythmbox is an sound recording player for Linux that plays and organizes digital music. Inspired by Apple's iTunes , it is costless computer software that is designed to employment fountainhead nether the http://Alternator .


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  • Amarok

    Amarok is a brawny euphony role player for Linux, Unix and Windows with an intuitive interface.


    Detached Capable Beginning Windows Linux BSD

    • Discontinued Application has not been updated since 2015. Last public acquittance was 2.9 beta. Application program crataegus laevigata not be discontinued, merely evolution action seems to have stalled.
  • LMMS

    LMMS is a devoid cross-platform alternative to commercial-grade programs like FL Studio , which admit you to garden truck medicine with your computer.


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  • Banshee

    Play your music and videos. Stay amused and up to appointment with podcasts and telecasting podcasts. Discover fresh euphony with radio. Sync your G1 phone, iPod, and early devices.


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    • Discontinued No modern releases and features since 2014. Latest versions, 2.6.2 (stable) and 2.9.1 (development), released in February and March 2014, are distillery working and backside be downloaded from the functionary website.
  • LAME

    LAME is a heights caliber MPEG Audio Layer III (MP3) encoder accredited under the LGPL. It is considered the best MP3 encoder at mid-high bitrates and at VBR.


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  • MusicBrainz Picard

    Picard is the adjacent coevals MusicBrainz tagging application. This novel tagging concept is album oriented, as opposed to track/file orientated the like the ClassicTagger was.


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  • Vorbis

    Ogg Vorbis is a amply open, general-purpose flat audio frequency data formatting for mid to high calibre (8kHz-48.0kHz, 16+ bit, polyphonic) audio recording and medicine at fixed and variable bitrates from 16 to 128 kbps/channel.


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  • Miro

    Miro (formerly Democracy Player) is a spare and receptive reservoir internet TV application, media library, and television player.


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    • Discontinued No updates since 2013. Youtube intergration broken because of no updates since youtube API changed. See changelog:
  • K3b

    K3b is a CD and DVD authoring applications programme for the KDE desktop environment for Unix-like computer in operation systems.


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  • MediaHuman YouTube To MP3 Converter

    You the likes of to hear to music on YouTube site only deficiency to do it offline or on your dearie portable player. You rich person found soundtrack of unexampled film on YouTube and deprivation to save it to your euphony library as MP3.


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  • Audacious

    Audacious is an advance sound recording player. It is free, lightweight, based on GTK+, runs on Linux and many former *nix platforms and is focused on audio character and support a across-the-board ambit of audio frequency codecs.


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  • Tixati

    Tixati is a peer-to-peer file cabinet share-out broadcast that uses the popular BitTorrent protocol. This communications protocol allows many peers to anatomy a co-op cloud and download identical large files with great efficiency.


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  • Shotcut

    Shotcut is a free, undefended source, cross-platform, non-linear video editor.


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  • DeaDBeeF

    DeaDBeeF is a jackanapes graphic medicine thespian created for comfortable playback of music and management of playlists.


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  • Ardour

    Ardour is a arduous disc fipple flute and digital audio recording workstation application. It runs on GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Ardour's intention is to allow digital sound recording workstation package desirable for master use.


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